O’Neal Industries

PO BOX 2623
United States
Description: KEVIN HAUNTZ - DIRECTOR OF SALES. Metals Service Center: Locations - Birmingham, AL; Greensboro, NC; Houston, TX; Indianapolis, IN; Louisville, KY; Memphis, TN; Pittsburgh, PA; Pueblo, CO; Monterrey, 634f4cd15cee6

Technologies Fabricated / Services Provided:

Pressure Vessel & Special Fabrication

STI Shop Fabricated Atmospheric Tanks

Field Erected Storage Tanks

Suppliers/Affiliates: Suppliers of products, materials and services to the steel fabrication industry.

Carbon Steel

Duplex Steel & Nickel Alloys

Stainless Steel

Featured Affiliate

Steel Dynamics, Inc.

Steel Dynamics is one of the largest steel producers and metals recyclers in the USA. Steel Dynamics produces steel products, including hot roll, and coated sheet steel, structural steel beams and shapes, other products, our new Sinton mill will produce steel plate from coil.

“Networking at STI/SPFA meetings has given us new ideas to manufacture our products more efficiently.”

Sonny Underwood
Mid-South Steel Products, Inc.