2010 Steel Tank of the Year Award Winners

2010 Tank of the Year:
Elevated Steel Tank Category

2.0 Million Gallon Hydropillar

Overall Height:  137′ TCL
Diameter:  100′
This tank houses a first floor break room, restroom and storage area to accomodate personnel and maintenance equipment.

The first floor is heated by using a geothermal system that provides radiant floor heating thru the use of an intricate piping arrangement embedded into the tanks floor slab.

Location: Dublin, OH

CB&I, Inc.
Wexford, PA

2010 Tank of the Year:
Reservoir Category

5.0 Million Gallon Knuckle Roof Water Tank

Overall Height:  32′ Shell High
Diameter:  180′
180′ x 32′ knuckle roof tank with approximately 250 LF of piping.

Location: Indio, CA

Paso Robles Tank, Inc.
Paso Robles, CA

2010 Tank of the Year:
Special Storage Category

Low Pressure Gas Holding Tank

Overall Height:  30′
Diameter:  24′
Features a self-supporting cone roof and internal/external pistons.

Location: Moreno Valley, CA

Paso Robles Tank, Inc.
Paso Robles, CA

2010 Tank of the Year:
Standpipe Category

4.0 Million Gallon 52,000 Ton-Hour Thermal Energy
Storage Tank

Overall Height:  126′ High Tank, 140′ to Top of Splash Cap
Diameter:  75′ – 2″

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Location: Sacramento, CA

CB&I, Inc.
San Luis Obispo, CA

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