Fabricated Steel Product of the Year Awards

Annual Fabricated Steel Product of the Year Awards are designed to recognize steel fabricated products that best represent the advantages and flexibility of steel construction. This award honors STI/SPFA member companies instrumental in the creation, construction and implementation of such projects.

Awards are given in three construction product categories:

  • Pressure Vessels
  • Atmospheric Storage Tanks
  • Special Fabrication, such as reactors, autoclaves, slug catchers, and wind towers

 In addition to steel fabricators, we acknowledge owners of these award-winning steel fabricated products for demonstrating and promoting the value of steel as the material of choice in welded steel construction.

Featured Affiliate

The Strong Company, Inc.

The Strong Company offers specialized cementitious products, including solutions for above-ground steel fuel storage tank insulation, providing a total system of engineered products, specialized equipment, and complete customer service.

“STI/SPFA provides excellent safety resources and information, as well as a platform for members to discuss EHS challenges and solutions.”

CJ Hineman
Fisher Tank Company