Statements of Compatibility noted in RFA’s E15 Retailer Handbook

The Renewable Fuels Association (RFA) recently released its E15 Retailer Handbook. On page 17, STI/SPFA is listed as a resource for manufacturers’ Statements of Compatibility. If you have not yet posted your statement on the STI/SPFA website, send your statement to Lorri Grainawi at STI/SPFA.


You can view and download RFA’s E15 Retailer Handbook at

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The Strong Company, Inc.

The Strong Company offers specialized cementitious products, including solutions for above-ground steel fuel storage tank insulation, providing a total system of engineered products, specialized equipment, and complete customer service.
“Networking at STI/SPFA meetings has given us new ideas to manufacture our products more efficiently.”

Sonny Underwood
Mid-South Steel Products, Inc.