SP001 Proposed 5th Edition Draft

 You are invited to submit comments on the proposed 5th Edition of SP001, “Standard for the Inspection of Aboveground Storage Tanks.”  The SP001 Committee is seeking public review of this proposed 5th Edition.  All comments will be subsequently reviewed by the SP001 Committee.
If you wish to provide comments on this proposed draft, please send an email requesting the draft and a comment form to Dana Schmidt, STI/SPFA Standards Engineer at dschmidt@steeltank.com  
Comments are due June 15, 2011
Below is a brief description of the proposed changes:

  • Expansion of the checklists for Monthly and Annual Owner Inspections to include additional equipment descriptions and inspection details, specifically ancillary AST motor vehicle fueling equipment.  This portion was drafted by a subcommittee of Petroleum Equipment Institute (PEI) member manufacturers and installers as well as STI manufacturers prior to review by the SP001 committee.
  • Deletion of “sufficiently impervious” from the definition of Release Prevention Barrier.  This phrase appears in the EPA SPCC Rule in the requirements for secondary containment.  Including it in Release Prevention Barrier resulted in a conflict with the intention of Category 2 tanks.  The requirement for Release Prevention Barriers to be compatible with the liquid stored remains.
  • Elevated tanks are now considered to have a CRDM, with or without a RPB below them
  • Double-wall tanks must have overfill prevention in order to be considered Category 1 which is consistent with EPA requirements for secondary containment
  • Addition of, “The interval for the initial inspection shall start from the AST’s initial service date, if known. For the purposes of this requirement, the initial service date is the date on which liquid was first placed in the tank. If the service date is not known, then the owner shall be responsible for establishing and documenting the initial service date” to  indicate when inspections must begin.
  • The inspection interval for ASTs that require repair has been revised to, “The Certified Inspector shall document in the report that the next Formal External or Formal Internal Inspection shall be within 5 years and each subsequent 5 years thereafter until the condition that caused the tank degradation has been fully corrected.  When the tank degradation has been arrested or is in a steady-state condition, then follow the inspection intervals shown in Table 5.5 for subsequent inspections.”  Previously, all subsequent inspections for repaired ASTs was 5 years.
  • The use of corrosion rates for inspection intervals of Category 1 tanks has been deleted.

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