Request for Comments on new PEI Guide

The PEI Overfill, Release Detection and Release Prevention Equipment Testing Committee has developed a new publication entitled Recommended Practices for the Testing and Verification of Spill, Overfill, Leak Detection and Secondary Containment Equipment at UST Facilities, PEI/RP1200.

PEI is producing this publication in response to requests from underground storage tank (UST) system operators, tank testers and regulators for a single authoritative source of information. The recommended practices apply to facilities that are equipped with UST systems used for the storage of motor fuels, jet fuels, distillate fuel oils, residual fuel oils, lubricants, petroleum solvents and used oils. The document does not address the design, installation or day-to-day operation of UST systems.

Everyone is encouraged to comment and suggest changes to the document during the public coment period, through March 26, 2012.  Comments must be submitted online using their comment form.  See the PEI website for the document, comment form and more information.

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