Recorded webinar: Petroleum Storage Tank Maintenance

Petroleum Storage Tank Maintenance Webinar now available online

All storage tanks require maintenance to ensure the highest quality of the product stored and to extend the tank’s useful life. And that translates into time and money saved for tank owners and operators. STI’s Storage Tank Maintenance Webinar has everything you need to know for optimum tank maintenance:

  • Why fuel quality standards are important, with Rick Chapman, Industry Liaison, Innospec Fuel Specialties

  • How to inspect your tanks, with Brad Hoffman, VP Engineering/R&D, Tanknology Inc.

  • Removing water from your storage system, with John Albert, Tank Program Administrator, State of Missouri

  • STI’s R111: Recommended Practices for Storage Tank Maintenance, with Lorri Grainawi, Director of Technical Services, STI/SPFA

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The Strong Company, Inc.

The Strong Company offers specialized cementitious products, including solutions for above-ground steel fuel storage tank insulation, providing a total system of engineered products, specialized equipment, and complete customer service.
“Networking at STI/SPFA meetings has given us new ideas to manufacture our products more efficiently.”

Sonny Underwood
Mid-South Steel Products, Inc.