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Recommended Practice for the Addition of Supplemental Anodes to sti-P3® USTs (R972)

Revised: Dec-2010 PDF Format

On occasion, tank owners of sti-P3® tanks find that the cathodic protection readings  are more positive than the NACE recommended -850 milli-volt criteria. In this case, the cathodic protection system must be supplemented so that the tank continues to be protected from corrosion. 1.2  The addition of supplemental anodes can bring the tank potential more negative than the recommended -850 milli-volt criteria. It does not, however, change the period of the manufacturer warranty on the tank.




The tanks which are considered in this RP are shop fabricated steel storage tanks built according to the sti-P3® standard.  This RP contains information regarding the number, size and type of anodes which may be used to supplement the cathodic protection of a sti-P3® tank, the installation of the anodes, the installation of test stations, and methods for verifying the proper operation of the anodes after installation.

Table of Contents: Introduction, Scope, Definitions, Eqquipments Requirements, Reference Elctrode Yse, Care & Maintenance, Tank Test Procedure, Elctrical Isolation Testing, Current Requirement Test, Determining the Amount of Supplimental Anoded Needed, Anode Handling & Installation, Electrical Connections, Test Station Installation, Verificationb of System Operation

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