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Basic Safety Rules for Fabrication, Field Erection, and Warehousing

Book Format – Revised 2019

The materials represented in this book have been developed by the members of the STI/SPFA Health and Safety Committee, to generally illustrate industry practice. This book is designed to do two things; 1. Create a safe working environment. 2. Create a culture where safety is expected and practiced.
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The members of the Safety and health Committee who edit and produce this book are industry professional safety experts with years of safety experience. The book covers 43 safety related topics that present themselves in the tank fabrication, field erection, and warehousing arenas.

Table of Contents: General Safety regulations, Definitions, Personal protective equipment, Personal fall protection, Tools & equipment, Chipping guns, Unsafe tools, Operating machines, Electrical equipment, electric drills, Portable grinders, Chainsaw use, Gas flame burning, heating, and welding, Arc welding, Radiation safety, Use of portable ladders, Scaffolds, Mobile equipment, Overhead crane and hoist operations, Signals, Rigging, Field installed lifting lugs, Guy lines and load lines, Hooking on, Connecting, Slings, Guidelines for inspection of slings, Wire rope clamps, Manila rope, How to lift, Loading / unloading material and equipment, Lift trucks, Truck driving, Railroad cars, Maintenance & repair, Lock out / tag out, Confined spaces, Fire extinguishers, Hazard communications, Access to employee exposure & medical records, First Aid, Excavations & trenches, Off the job safety

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