New law for North Carolina Members: CP for USTs OK once again

After many months of committee hearings and lobbying effort by STI/SPFA, the General Assembly of North Carolina passed a new law that will once again allow new underground fuel storage tank installations to incorporate cathodic protection as a form of corrosion protection.  The ratified House Bill 119 became law July 1 and states that:
“Notwithstanding subsection (a) of 15A NCAC 02N .0903 (Underground Storage Tanks: Tanks), from the effective date of this act the Department of Environment and Natural Resources shall not prohibit the use of tanks that are constructed of steel and cathodically protected as provided in 40 Code of Federal Regulations § 280.20(a)(2) (July 1, 2010 Edition) in order to meet the external corrosion protection standards of that rule.”
This law negates a 2007 regulatory change that prohibited CP on new UST installations, effectively killing that business. The new law is a real victory for STI/SPFA and affected Members in North Carolina.

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