NAM asks manufacturers to send “letter of unity” to next President

The National Association of Manufactuers (NAM) is distributing a letter to “the next President, whoever he or she may be” and calling for businesses to sign it. Here is NAM’s call; you will find a link to the electronic letter below.


Leaders in the manufacturing economy have a powerful platform, and when this election is over, we will have a special responsibility to help heal and unite our country. The work of bridging the divides and strengthening the fabric of our nation must begin immediately.


The final months of this presidential election have proven to be the most troubling in modern political history. There is good reason to believe things will only get more difficult in the coming days. Our leadership is needed.


That is why we are inviting you, as a leader of America’s business associations, organizations and companies, to join in signing a letter of unity to the next president, whoever he or she is. We are also asking you to encourage your member CEOs, presidents, chairs and owners to join us. We want to express our sincere desire to work together for the good of the country on issues where we can find agreement and respectfully dialogue in good faith on the issues where we disagree. Most importantly, we want to set an example for the rest of the country so that we can restore trust in our institutions of government and business.


If we do nothing and let distrust, cynicism and resentment continue to fester in this country, we will all suffer—our workers, our families, our communities, our companies—because it will be that much harder to tackle our economic and social challenges.


This moment in our nation’s history is calling us—leaders in our free enterprise system—to rise to the occasion and do our part. Please share this letter with your general membership and encourage them to also sign the letter.


You may view and sign on to this letter by clicking here. The deadline for signatures is 11:00 a.m. EST, Monday, November 7. This letter will feature the name, title and company of all who commit to this pledge.



Jay Timmons

President and CEO

National Association of Manufacturers

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