Major Oil Researching ULSD issues

A major oil company announced this week that they are conducting their own research into sporadic ULSD corrosion issues. They are conducting this research in part because their operators now have a higher awareness of the issue and are asking questions that the major oil company would like to be able to answer. Sporadic instances have been reported, with the majority being in the southeastern US.

The project is anticipated to be ongoing for 3 to 4 months and involves taking multiple fuel samples at their operator’s service stations. Testing will include NACE corrosion, particulate levels, microbiological contamination. While the corrosion soap theory is still a possibility, they are also investigating newer theories of corrosion causing weak acids from microbiologicals in ULSD. Results of the survey are expected around April, 2011.

If an operator believes they have a problem they are asked to send a fuel sample and to provide the problem component.

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