George Tupac, industry leader, passes

The South West Steel Water Pipe Manufacturers Technical Advisors Committee (SWPMTAC) reports that George Tupac passed away on December 26, 2014.


“We are saddened to report the loss of a great leader of our industry,” SWPMTAC’s email said. “Among his many great accomplishments, he was a long-time Chair of AWWA Steel Pipe Committee and SWPMTAC. He was a great mentor and friend to many in our group. The work that he did can be seen in many of the standards, manuals, and papers used in our industry. He will be missed.”


Wayne Geyer, executive vice president of STI/SPFA, said that Tupac represented SPFA in the 1990’s, in the association’s efforts to earn grant funding from AISI.


George Tupac obituary

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