Free storage tank maintenance documents

Water Monitoring and Removal is Critical for All Storage Systems

Poor operations and maintenance procedures for water monitoring and removal from storage systems can lead to 

a number of problems, from degradation of fuel quality and subsequent vehicle performance, to microbial 

contamination and damage of the entire storage system. 

This pertains to all storage systems, both underground and aboveground, constructed of any material and storing 

nearly any product – gasoline, diesel, residential and commercial heating oils, aviation jet fuel and others. 

The entire storage system is potentially impacted by water and its possible consequences, not just the storage tank. 

While the tank, as the common collection place, is where chemical reactions can brew, it also provides an easy 

means to monitor for water in the system and a common place to treat the problem. 

It is imperative that all owners and operators of storage systems immediately implement routine operations and 

maintenance procedures for water monitoring and removal of water, if detected. 

To assist storage tank owners and operators to maintain their storage tank and fuels, STI is now offering these storage tank maintenance documents free of charge:

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