Registered & Warranted Tank Search

STI/SPFA has developed the Registered & Warranted Tank Search to allow members to search for their company’s registered tank information. The search is available only to STI/SPFA current Fabricator Shop Fabrication Section Members that have signed technology-specific license agreements with STI/SPFA. The overview document summarizes the search functions and options.

Need Assistance?

Call the STI/SPFA office at 847-438-8265 for help using the Tank Registration, or email Linda Frederick and Kathy Mann.

Members Tank Search
“You are not authorized to use the Tank Viewer”

Featured Affiliate

Rolled Alloys, Inc.

Rolled Alloys is the global leader in value added processing of specialty alloys. Our inventory includes stainless, duplex, titanium and superalloys in plate, sheet, bar, pipe and fittings, and welding materials. Eight locations in the US.
“STI/SPFA membership has allowed us to promote and sell PERMATANK® in Southeast Asia and Asia Pacific.”

Supara Sinsamudpadung
Padungsilpa Engineering Co., Ltd.