STI/SPFA Field Erected 
Tank Construction, April 3

  • Fundamentals of Construction of API 650 Tanks 
  • Corrosion protection and coatings 
  • API Tank Data Sheet
  • Tank fabrication and construction 
  • Tank repairs and modifications


Paul Windham, Fisher Tank Company
Brad Veath, McDermott CB&I Tank Solutions
Tony Ippoliti, The Sherwin Williams Company

Matt Van Alsburg, Advance Tanks & Construction

Jason Riddell, Chattanooga Boiler and Tank Company

Chris Ard, Tnemec Company

Fred Ruinen, Fisher Tank Company

STI/SPFA Shop-Fab Tank Section
April 4

  • What’s New with Steel Shop-Fabricated Fuel Storage Tanks and Inspections
  • Important Shop-Fabricated Fuel Storage Tank Equipment
  • Generator Day Tanks: Codes and Fiascos
  • Unusual Tank Installations/Operations and Fuel Quality Care


Wayne Geyer, Steel Tank Institute/Steel Plate Fabricators Association
Dana Schmidt, Steel Tank Institute/Steel Plate Fabricators Association

Steve Allwein, Morrison Brothers

John Albert, Missouri Weights and Measures

John Cignatta, Datanet Engineering, Inc. 

Featured Affiliate

Phoenix Forging Company

Phoenix Forging Company, a member of the Phoenix Forge Group, is a proud domestic manufacturer of steel tank and cylinder fittings based in Catasauqua, PA. Phoenix Forge was founded in 1882.
“STI/SPFA membership has been the single most important factor in the success of our company.”
Bob Nemeth
Stanwade Metal Products, Inc.

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