The STI Quality Control Meeting is mandatory for STI Licensed Shop-Fabricated Tank member companies. At least one representative from the company must be present for the entire meeting.

Policies and Penalties

Per item 6(d) of the STI Trademark & Licensing Agreement, attendance at the biennial Quality Control Meeting is mandatory for all Shop Fabricated Atmospheric Tank Section Members licensed to build STI tank technologies. At least one person from each manufacturing plant building STI technologies in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean is required to attend. Licensees in other countries are strongly encouraged to attend.

A Member company’s plant that does not have a representative attend the full meeting is required to attend a makeup session AND is charged a monetary penalty. The Board of Directors has established the penalty fee structure in item 2 below for Member plants who do not have a representative at the Quality Control Meeting.

Attendees are required to participate in the entire Quality Control Meeting, including all presentations. Should a Member plant’s representative leave the meeting early, the Member company is assessed a fine of $250 for each hour missed of the Quality Control Meeting.

Penalties for non-attendance are assessed as follows:

  • The non-attending plant must send at least one representative to a make-up QC meeting, AND
  • The non-attending plant is assessed a monetary penalty as follows:
    • First offense: $2,000 for the missed QC meeting
    • Second offense: $5,000 for the missed QC meeting

Event Type

  • Quality Control Meeting




10:00 am - 2:00 pm


  • Online