EPA Pre-Guidance Document on Compatibility Issued

Carolyn Hosiknson, Director of EPA’s Office of Underground Storage Tanks, issued this statement today. “I am writing to share with you EPA’s guidance regarding compatibility of underground storage tank (UST) systems with biofuel blends. The guidance, which will be published in the Federal Register, discusses how owners and operators who wish to store gasoline containing more than 10 percent ethanol or diesel containing more than 20 percent biodiesel in their UST systems may demonstrate compliance with the compatibility requirement in 40 CFR §280.32. This guidance reflects public comments EPA received as a result of our November 17, 2010 Federal Register notice of draft guidance.
Please contact me or Andrea Barbery (barbery.andrea@epa.gov or 703-603-7137) of my staff with questions or for more information.”
Follow this link to view the pre-guidance document: www.epa.gov/oust/altfuels/biofuelsguidance.htm
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