EPA Final Rule Requires Use of 15-PPM Diesel in Large Stationary Generators

EPA Final Rule Requires Use of 15-PPM Diesel in Large Stationary Generators

The Environmental Protection Agency issued a final rule this week that requires large stationary emergency  generators used to generate electricity during power outages to use 15-ppm ULSD after January 1, 2015. The rule applies to stationary combustion ignition, reciprocating internal combustion engines (CI RICE) with a site rating of more than 100 brake HP and a displacement of less than 30 liters per cylinder that operate or are contractually obligated to be available for more than 15 hours per year (up to a maximum of 100 hours per year) for emergency demand response or that operate for local system reliability. The rule will affect commercial emergency generators which are used in industrial, medical, agricultural, oil and gas production, and power generation facilities, etc. 

Currently, CI RICE generators are typically supplied with reserve fuel oil or other high sulfur distillates. The use of stationary emergency generators as part of emergency demand response programs help prevent grid failure or blackouts

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