E-20 pumping increases in Thailand

From PetroPlaza News:  http://www.petrolplaza.com/news/industry/MiZlbiYxNDUyMCYmMQ==

PTT will expand to 1,000 the number of petrol stations pumping E20 gasohol, from 600 currently, after the removal of 91-octane petrol from the market next year. Sarun Rungkasiri, senior executive vice president for oil business, said that the company’s E20 gasohol campaign that started in August had doubled the sales of this fuel, which is 20 per cent ethanol, to 24 million litres per day.

Sarun added that next year PTT would convert its 91-octane pumps to distribute 95-octane petrol and E20 gasohol, with more focus on the latter. The company plans to pump E20 at 400 more stations than the current level, for a total of 1,000 stations nationwide. It has also drawn up a comprehensive plan to promote E85 gasohol.

Sarun said the government’s plan to float the price of liquefied petroleum gas would not dent the demand for E20 gasohol as the number of the vehicles switching to LPG was unlikely to expand sharply. If the retail price gap between LPG and E20 does not exceed 20 per cent, he believes that motorists would prefer to use E20.

He also forecast that the global oil price next year would average US$100 per barrel, as the United States has reduced its reliance on imported oil and is depending more on domestic shale gas. This prompted the Organisation of the Petroleum Exporting Countries to lower its oil production to an appropriate level.

Next year PTT will spend Bt3 billion to set up 10 more petrol stations and will join with dealers to invest in an additional 50 stations. It will also upgrade 200 existing service stations to meet the corporate standard.

PTT will also set up a petrol station on the Western Ring Road that operates 100 per cent on renewable energy. Solar cells and wind turbines will be set up on 20 rai (3.2 hectares) to feed power to the station. If the model works well, PTT will consider establishing another station of this type in the future.

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