CP, SP001 certification class dates for 2015

CP, SP001 certification class dates for 2015

The Steel Tank Institute’s certification classes are the most widely-recognized credential in the storage tank inspection industry. Take advantage of STI’s credibility and visibility when you seek certification.

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Cathodic Protection Training Course

Learn How to Monitor a UST Cathodic Protection (CP) System in our CP Class!
A certification program offering a practical approach for those wanting to becomeCP testers
and for those whosimply want to understand readings.

Thousands of underground storage tanks (USTs) require the periodic monitoring of cathodic protection.  Industry experts will show you the latest methods for monitoring and troubleshooting cathodic protection systems. This will enable your firm to help clients meet environmental compliance regulations.

This course is focused on the real-world needs of individuals and companies that plan to conduct field testing of cathodic protection monitoring on systems such as sti-P3 tanks.

SP001 Aboveground Tank System Inspector Training

The STI AST Inspector Training will enable you to:

  • Build your customer relationships by helping their organizations to meet regulatory requirements.
  • Obtain STI certification for inspecting shop-fabricated aboveground tanks, portable containers and small field-erected tanks.
  • Learn practice techniques for AST inspectors.
  • Take advantage of a course that provides your firm with testing know-how, from the experts!

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Phoenix Forging Company

Phoenix Forging Company, a member of the Phoenix Forge Group, is a proud domestic manufacturer of steel tank and cylinder fittings based in Catasauqua, PA. Phoenix Forge was founded in 1882.

“Networking at STI/SPFA meetings has given us new ideas to manufacture our products more efficiently.”

Sonny Underwood
Mid-South Steel Products, Inc.