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Whether it is done in the interest of safety or quality, cause analysis (CA) can be hard. It happens after things fail to go as planned. It is responsive to an unexpected event, or set of events, which means analysts are unable to plan in advance.

This webinar focuses on a challenge that is under the control of the analyst – how to address the human element in the incident chain. Human performance can indeed be a peculiar focus. On one hand, analysts are human, and intuition may lead them to believe that the causes of any human performance gaps should be obvious. On the other, human behavior can be complex and variable, which may tempt the analyst to shrug their shoulders in doubtful frustration.

Can this seeming paradox be resolved? Can human factors be systematically evaluated? This webinar sheds light on these issues and more.

Attendees can expect to leave with a clearer understanding of human performance principles and gaps, how they can unfold in incident chains, and how they might be identified, reported, and corrected by way of CA activities.