Mike Gregory is the founder of Michael Gregory Consulting, LLC. He helps clients that want to grow faster and more effectively by taking advantage of The Collaboration Effect® based on neuroscience. The Collaboration Effect enhances relationships, resources, and revenues. Mike is relying on his 12 books and over 35 articles coupled with current research in this area and his background of initiating a startup, heading up an R&D unit with PhD Statisticians and Economists, being a controller, being part of a six-member finance team that worked with the CFO addressing a $10.5 billion dollar entity reorganization over a two-year period that resulted in a completely new organization, as an executive with 1,200 employees, and having taught organizations hundreds of times on this and similar topics. Mike brings a unique perspective to this topic that participants find engaging, relevant, and entertaining.

Mike chairs the Ethics and Oversight Board with the National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts, is a member of the MBSA ADR Section, and is a qualified mediator with the Minnesota Supreme Court. Mike has a BS from Valparaiso University, a MS from the University of Wisconsin at Madison, and an MBA from DePaul University.