California Ethanol Compatibility Chart

Quickly reacting to the new legalized selling of E15, the State of California began collecting compatibility data from equipment manufacturers immediately.  Even though all steel tanks are compatible with all blends of ethanol fuel, STI developed the following chart to help California compile a compatibility chart for all required UST equipment. California’s guidelines are whatever the manufacturers recommended or warranted up to June, 1991.  After that date, UL Listings are looked at first to make the determination if the equipment is compatible.
Dates Manufactured
Type of UST Construction
Applicable for use with 10% ethanol (E10)
Applicable for use with 30% ethanol  (E30)
Applicable for use with 100 % ethanol (E100)
All STI Technologies
1969 – Present
Sti-P3®, SW & DW
All STI Technologies
1991 – Present
ACT-100®, SW & DW
All STI Technologies
1992 – Present
Permatank®, DW
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