Affiliate New Product of the Year Award

The Sherwin-Williams Company was recognized for DURA-PLATE UHS in 2007. This image represents a zinc-rich primer, OAP intermediate coat, and epoxy topcoat (viewing left to right of photo).

This paint coating, originally developed by us for the U.S. Navy, minimizes the corrosion that takes place in submerged tanks. It does so because the coating is formulated with Optically Active Pigments (OAP) that “fluoresce” when inspected using a UV light. Areas that do not fluoresce indicate the absence of the protective OAP coating. This coating may be used as a primer or finish and is NSF 61-approved for use in potable water tanks. It is also on the US Navy QPL list for similar use. “Continuity” inspections take place easily and quickly when tanks are painted with this coating using Optically Active Pigments.

Special Features:
In addition to the above, DURA-PLATE UHS is an edge-retentive coating. Edge-retentive coatings are formulated to maintain 70 percent of their film thickness when applied to edges of structural steel supports and rafters, for example, found in submerged steel tanks.
To be considered “edge-retentive,” the coating must pass a stringent performance test as established by the U.S. Navy (Mil-PRF-23236). In various evaluations, it was discovered that corrosion first begins on the edges of submerged structures. By creating a coating that maintains its film thickness on edges, and one that is easily verified due to Optically Active Pigments, service life is extended on painted submerged structures.

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