2017 Safety Awards

Companies Recognized for 2017 Safety Awards During STI/SPFA Annual Meeting

LAKE ZURICH, IL, May 17, 2018 – STI/SPFA announced companies receiving Safety Awards for 2017 during the 2018 STI/SPFA Annual Meeting Award Dinner.

Awards include the Safety Award of Achievement and the Safety Award of Excellence. The two award categories are described below:

Safety Award of Excellence

Recognizing member companies whose employees have experienced a ZERO (0.00) OSHA Total Recordable Incident Rate for 12 consecutive months.

Safety Award of Achievement
Recognizing Member companies that have experienced a minimum 10% reduction in the OSHA Total Recordable Incident Rate, with no fatalities, during the 2017 calendar year, as compared with the average Total Recordable Incident Rate for the three previous years.

Companies receiving the 2017 Safety Award of Excellence:
  • Brighton Tru-Edge
  • Caldwell – Field Operations
  • Caldwell – Industrial Division
  • Corrosion Control Corp.
  • Enerfab Process Solutions & Fabricated Products Inc.
  • Enerfab Spring Grove Shop
  • General Industries Inc.
  • J. L. Houston Co.
  • Kohlhaas Corporation
  • Lancaster Tanks & Steel Products
  • Mass Tank
  • Modern Welding Company of Florida, Inc.
  • Modern Welding Company of Kentucky, Inc.
  • Paso Robles Tank Inc. – Albuquerque Shop
  • Paso Robles Tank Inc. – Hemet Shop
  • Southern Tank & Mfg. Company
  • Stanwade Metal Products, Inc.
  • Tarsco Construction Corporation
  • Tarsco Inc. Dominican Republic
  • Tarsco South America
  • Tarsco Terminal Services Virgin Islands
Companies receiving the 2017 Safety Award of Achievement:
  • Lannon Tank Company
  • Modern Welding Company of California, Inc.
  • Modern Custom Fabrication, Inc.
  • Modern Welding Company of Georgia, Inc.
  • Modern Welding Company of Iowa, Inc.
  • Modern Welding Company of Owensboro, Inc.
  • Modern Welding Company of Texas, Inc. – Houston
  • Modern Welding Company of Texas, Inc. – Rhome
  • New Industries, LLC
  • Phoenix Fabricators and Erectors, LLC
  • Sauder Custom Fabrication, Inc.
  • Steel Tank & Fabricating Corporation
  • T Bailey, Inc.
  • TrueNorth Steel
  • United Alloy Incorporated
  • Ward Vessel & Exchanger – Houston Facility 

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