2012 SFPA and IFC code updates

STI consultants Marshall Klein, PE, and Jeff Shapiro, PE, FSFPEprovide detailed updates of 2012 NFPA and IFC codes. We extend our thanks and appreciation to these code experts for this important industry information.

2012 AST code requirements: Comparing 2012 SFPA 30A and 2012 IFC

2012 IFC storage requirements for fuel burning or generator equipment

Marshall A. Klein, P.E.

Marshall Klein is president of Marshall A. Klein & Associations, and is a nationally recognized expert in fire and building safety with a particular emphasis on building code development, health care, and multi-family residential occupancies. His experience includes 30 years in private practice code consulting and an additional 8 years in state and local code enforcement. Mr. Klein actively served on committees of the legacy model building and fire codes (BOCA, SBCCI, & ICBO/IFCI), and he continues to serve on the committees of the consolidated legacy code organization (ICC) and the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA).

Jeffrey M. Shapiro, P.E., FSFPE

Jeffrey Shapiro is President of International Code Consultants. He is nationally recognized as an expert and lecturer in fire and building safety specializing in the development and application of building and fire codes with a particular emphasis on hazardous materials. His experience included serving as chief executive of the International Fire Code Institute (IFCI), senior fire protection engineer for embassy construction under contract with the U.S. Department of State, and fire protection engineer for a major metropolitan fire department.

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