100% Solids Linings for Steel Tanks in Water/Wastewater Environments Webinar

The Steel Tank Institute/Steel Plate Fabricators Association (STI/SPFA) will host “100% Solids Linings for Steel Tanks in Water/Wastewater Environments” on Thursday, July 8, 2021 at 10:00 AM CDT, sponsored by Carboline.

Over the last few decades, air quality regulations and other concerns have pushed coating manufacturers to develop more high-solids and even 100% solids technologies.

There are numerous steel tank lining applications where these technologies have been-and will continue to be-used. The water tank market, with looming regulations such as NSF 600, is seeing more and more of these products being used for interior lining applications.

This presentation will lay out the applications, along with the pros and cons, of the different types of 100% solids materials.

Registration is free to all attendees.

Visit https://www.steeltank.com/event/100-solids-linings-for-steel-tanks-in-water-wastewater-environments/ for more information and to register.

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